Stretch Ceilings and Wall Coverings for residential and commercial projects

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO Stretch Ceilings is a Joint Venture between Nakshatra Trades and Clipso France to bring beautiful ceilings and clean green versatile stretch fabric ceiling in Opaque, Translucent and print in wide width for seamless hassle free installation and renovation for commercial and residential applications.

This unique and modern finishing system is light, sound attenuating, and thermally insulating and made of safe, high quality, easy-to-maintain green materials. Stretch Ceiling products can replace drywall or ceiling tiles in existing spaces or new construction projects. Our clients choose from hundreds of colour, texture and image options for ceilings and wall murals.

Stretch Ceilings offer exceptionally fast service and outstanding quality. NAKSHATRA CLIPSO stretch ceilings are the perfect solution to adorn your home, enhance your place of business, create a refined ambience in museums, spas, hotels, restaurants, and cafes, or add to the excitement of sporting events and exhibitions to arenas and stadiums.
You name it, we can do it.

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  • Pre-finished, quick and clean to install(Hassle Free installation)
  • Futuristic Product
  • Cost Effective
  • Light weight
  • Maintenance free
  • Hygienic and washable
  • Impermeable to moisture
  • Non-flammable, Fire resistant
  • Can hide imperfections of ceilings and walls.
  • Excellent light reflection
  • Practical and Durable
  • Excellent luxurious lifestyle properties and comfort
Cold stretch wall covering

Nakshatra is the promoter of Cold Stretch Ceilings made of polyurethane-coated polyester mesh. This covering is fitted using dry and cold installation, without joints or seams, guaranteeing a perfectly smooth surface and uniform tension. Its installation is quick, easy, clean and nuisance- and odour-free.

Wall Coverings

Nakshatra fabric wraps easily around beams, cornices, rosettes, doors, windows, etc. Lighting systems (LEDs, spotlights, light fixtures, fiber optics, etc.) and appliances (air conditioning, soundproofing, VMC, etc.) blend in easily and discreetly.

Lighting Diffuser Ceilings

Are you a building professional or craftsman, and you wish to grow your business? Then selling products with strong added value should interest you. All major projects require trusted partners. We would be pleased to evaluate the feasibility and cost of your project; simply contact our design office.

Some of our Creation

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Professional Wall coverings
Custom Wall coverings
3D Printed Wall coverings
Wall coverings and Stretch Ceilings


Astha Associate
We have worked with NAKSHATRA CLIPSO for couple of years. They are very creative in the use of colours, patterns and textures and we love the results..! Nakshatra Clipso has a great network of specialists, so they can pull together large projects as well as small. It was a pleasure working with Nakshatra Trades and we are sure we will call upon them again.
- Ar. Vishal Kheradia