Acoustic Printed Stretch Ceilings and Wall Coverings


Stretch Ceiling Advantages

When you choose NAKSHATRA CLIPSO®, you are guaranteed the best customer service: professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail. Whatever your idea, project or budget may be, NAKSHATRA CLIPSO will cater to your needs!

  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Width up to 16’8″
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Innovative profiles
    ABS, ALU and PVC
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Cold and dry installation
    Fast, easy and clean
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Printable Covering
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Backlit Covering
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Acoustic Covering
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Anti-static Covering
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Antibacterial Covering
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Dirt and Water Repellent
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Environmentally-friendly
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages French Manufacturer
    Certified ISO 9001
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages Products adapted
    to every location
  • Stretch Ceiling Advantages 10 yr manufacturer’s

The many advantages of CLIPSO products

tylish Wall Coverings and Stretch Ceilings Installation

  • NAKSHATRA CLIPSO is specialized in manufacturing wide-span coverings up to 16’8″ wide.
  • NAKSHATRA CLIPSO coverings may be printed, backlit, acoustic, antibacterial, water and dirt repellent.
  • NAKSHATRA CLIPSO offers a full range of high-tech profiles adaptable to any ceiling or wall.
  • Environmentally-friendly, NAKSHATRA CLIPSO coverings are also PVC and phthalate-free coverings with no cancer-causing substances (CMTs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • NAKSHATRA CLIPSO coverings’ installation process is cold, dry, quick, easy, clean and odor-free. The finish is perfect and the result is impeccable.
  • NAKSHATRA CLIPSO products comply with the ISO 9001 standard using ECC primary resources. These certifications attest to the quality of our products, which meet all standards currently in effect.
  • Designed for public, commercial and residential applications, NAKSHATRA CLIPSO is ideal for both new construction and renovations.
  • NAKSHATRA CLIPSO offers a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Eco Friendliness

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO strives to manufacture sustainable and efficient materials in order to meet current needs while preserving the environment for future generations. We reduce our carbon footprint by focusing on long-lasting, 100% recyclable PVC-free materials created without pollution.

  • Did You Know? DID YOU KNOW?
    NAKSHATRA CLIPSO is one of the first companies within the technical coverings industry to have obtained an A+ labeling compulsory for construction and decorative products in Europe.
  • Manufacturing Process - Nakshatra Clipso PRODUCTION
    NAKSHATRA CLIPSO’s raw materials are environmentally friendly. Manufacturing processes need little energy or water and do not emit polluting substances. Any wastewater is recycled.
  • Transportation TRANSPORT
    NAKSHATRA CLIPSO products are light and take up little space, reducing transportation energy and costs while minimizing CO2 emissions. Packaging is compact and recyclable, reducing environmental impact.
  • Nakshatra Clipso Installation INSTALLATION
    NAKSHATRA CLIPSO’s cold installation does not require heat or water and it generates little waste. Installation is quick and consumes little energy.
  • Products & Services PRODUCTS
    NAKSHATRA CLIPSO products have great longevity with no need for maintainance. The coverings are free of CMRs and do not emit any VOCs into the indoor air.
  • Product Recycling RECYCLING
    At the end of their life cycle, coverings can be easily repurposed. As they are recyclable, they can be used to create artistic objects, painted fabrics, bags, etc.