Wall Coverings

Realize your dream translucent stretch walls and printed stretch walls

If you feel like your décor could do with a refresh, a stretch wall is ideal! You can print almost anything you want on our fabrics! Simply forward us all the necessary information and we’ll do the rest.

The making of a Nakshatra Clipso Stretch Coverings

Ordering a printed stretch wall is so easy ! Simply contact us by phone or via the contact form, and we’ll put you in touch with a local installation company. The installation partner will take note of your wishes, as well as the picture you’ve chosen. Our NAKSHATRA CLIPSO Design team Our NAKSHATRA CLIPSO Design team will ensure the image size and quality is compatible, and you will quickly receive confirmation. Simply make your fabric choice and we will action the printing. Once your unique stretch wall is printed, it will be sent to you and our installation team will install it.

In case the resolution of the supplied image is not high enough, or the size is too small in comparison to the final size of your project, our service NAKSHATRA CLIPSO Design will guide you towards our images collection or towards specialized images databanks. We want you to be fully satisfied, so it’s important that images meet these resolution requirements

Example of a printed stretch wall

The choice are extremely wide when it comes to images or concepts for printed stretch walls. And walls aside, you could even create frames loaded with printed fabrics. The frame will be fixed onto your wall, like a canvas. Interested? Take a look at these examples:

Printed Fabric Stretch Walls
Printed Fabric Stretch Walls