Acoustic Printed Stretch Ceilings and Wall Coverings

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Mr. Mehul Mehta - CEO

Mr. Mehul Mehta - CEO

Mr. Mehul Mehta enriched by earnings and his optimistic skills and among other works; he is thoroughly ensconced in serving the Interior designers and architects associated with the infrastructure and interior designing. Due to his sound confidence and high missions, he has succeeded in serving his clients and is still putting efforts for becoming the asset of the company and guiding it to scale higher and achieving milestones.

Mr. Mehul Mehta is in favour of taking up the holistic view of the management in which there would be a scope for the optimum utilization of resources showing high results as well as success for the company. He assumes full responsibility over his activities and for the progress of the company. Due to his entrepreneurial efforts and vast experience, he has brought his company to high positioning level.

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  • Printed Stretch Ceilings
  • Acoustic Colored Wall Coverings
  • Translucent Ceilings and Wall Coverings
  • 3D Printed Wall coverings
  • ceiling_decorators
  • ceiling_designers

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